// Weaving with This Collection //
My collaboration with This Collection consisted of meeting poets at a postcode (location) to create a woolen, spoken and video psycho-geography of the city. The postcodes had inspired the poets to write their poems. I collaborated with 7 poets in different locations, where we engaged in conversation by intervening in the environment and using spoken and woven works as means of communication with the surrounding and passers-by. As a collective action we weaved the poems physically to their location in a series of live actions during the Festival period.

Vivien Jones: Mellis, Anna Dickie: Same place, Priscilla Chueng-Nainby: Overflow, Lauren Pope: Southside II & III, Christine de Luca: Transformation, Jessica Winch: Broughton Street, Morgan Downie: Scene

This short is from the collaraboration with Morgan Downie "Scene".

This short is from the collaraboration with Anna Dickie "Same Place Different View".

This short is from the collaraboration with Lauren Pope "Southside II & III".

This short film is my adaptation of the poem 'Transformation' by Christine de Luca.